If you don’t want to fall in love with Mr. Wrong,

read this book before you turn 21.

no shaming

no blaming

“I absolutely love that this book validates Muslim women’s often very heartbreaking realities with love and relationships, acknowledges men’s faults and where they go wrong, and gives a Muslimah a clear path to love that allows her to be vulnerable, honest, and accepting of herself.

There is no shaming, no willful disregard of the very real problems Muslim women go through (that the larger community tries to cover up), and no blaming.”

Zainab Faraj

as if he was reading my thoughts

“I love how practical this book is - how there are clear, defined steps for what to do and what actions to take.

I like that it’s a conversational book.

I could almost hear the author telling me what to do. At times, it was as if he was reading my thoughts because the next line would be a response to what I was just thinking.”

Dania Abuleil

I haven't cried like this in a long time

“This is amazing and brutal at the same time.

If my heart was a wall made of stone bricks, I would say that some of the big rocks just fell down and I feel a bit lighter after reading the book.

Thank you for making me do this.”

Mina Saydova

Chapter 1

He Called Her Right

Before His Wedding

“I’m getting married to someone else today.”

“You’re... getting married? Today?” Aisha’s voice trembled. “How could you do this to me?”

A year later, she had yet to get over the heartbreak that phone call caused her. “He didn’t even have the decency to end things with me first.”

“What a coward! Seriously, who does that?”

“I thought this time was different,” Aisha sighed. “I was ready to believe in love again.”

“Was he the guy your dad didn’t like?” Maryam asked.

“Yup, that’s him. After that mess, I promised to never go through that kind of pain again. That’s why I swore off marriage.”

“I get it,” Maryam replied. “You’ve been through a lot.”

A few years later, Maryam shared her brother’s marriage magnet [1] with Aisha. Although she had heard a lot about Maryam’s brother, Aisha quickly said “no.” Her heart wasn’t ready yet.

But that Ramaḍān, she found herself sincerely making du‘ā’ to Allāh to heal her heart. When Maryam sent the marriage magnet again—this time, to Aisha’s big sister—she reluctantly agreed to give the guy a chance.

Through Maryam, Aisha cautiously exchanged emails with Maryam’s brother, her heart slowly opening to the possibility of love again. To protect herself, she CC’d Maryam in all of her emails. She told Maryam, “I need to see if we’d be a good fit.”

Meeting him was an eye-opener. Aisha felt comfortable talking to him. With a sense of shared values and goals, they talked for hours while Maryam sat nearby as their chaperone.

Three days later, Maryam’s brother and Aisha became husband and wife.

Aisha found a safe haven for her heart. Her husband held space for her past and her heartaches with nothing but understanding. The guy knew that the best way to help her heal was to hold her close as he listened to her stories.

I was that guy. My name is Sharif.

I help Muslim singles divorce-proof their future marriage.

With what, exactly?

With an evidence-based “10-Step Marriage Roadmap.”

When I told my wife about the love mistakes you’re about to learn, she said: “Where were you all those years ago when I needed to know this?”

Right away, I built a solar-powered time machine and traveled back to the year when she was 20 and handed her this book—in my mind, of course.

Man! How I wish I could do that for real!

Well, even though I cannot go back in time and change things for my wife, I can do the next best thing: I can help you avoid as many love mistakes as possible.

[1] Marriage magnet is something that tells a potential guy: (a) who you are and (b) what you are looking for in a future husband.